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The Fundamentals of Finance is an educational lecture series on the essentials of finance created by current Imperial Business School PhD students and brought to you by Finance Society.

The course will see 5 speakers deliver two lectures each on various topics starting Thursday 10 October at Clore Lecture theatre in the Huxley Building 6-7:30pm. FoF aims to provide attendees with essential knowledge which will indirectly help you perform better in assessment centres, financial case studies, as well as during your internships or full-time roles in IBD, Trading, Markets, and Risk Management, as well as simply broaden your financial horizons. This is a great opportunity for those nor proficient in finance to learn from experienced and knowledgeable speakers. Below you will find the preliminary curriculum, as well as some information about the upcoming speakers themselves.

Adam Denny (Lectures 1-2): Masters in Finance from Cambridge University in Finance, ICBS MRes in Finance, employee of Mercer, Allianz, Fidelity, current PhD student at ICBS in Finance. Adam will cover the following topics.

Introduction to Finance

  • Different types of financial markets and securities
  • Time value of money

Introduction to Portfolio Management

  • Portfolio risk and return
  • Efficient frontier and portfolio optimisation

Asset pricing models

  • CAPM
  • Multi-factor models (Fama-French)

Nikolaos Rapanos (Lectures 3-4) Masters in Electrical Engineering at Imperial College, M.Fin from MIT School of Management, Goldman Sachs Associate, current PhD candidate in Finance at ICBS.

Topics TBC.

Adrian Lam (Lectures 5-6) Masters in Economics from Warwick, MRes in Finance from ICBS, current PhD candidate in Finance at ICBS.

Introduction to Accounting

  • Overview of the key financial statements
  • Important line items
  • Items not accounted for

Introduction to Corporate Finance I: Capital Structure

  • Separation of ownership and control: External debt and equity
  • Modigliani-Miller theorem and capital structure
  • Recapitalisation

Introduction to Corporate Finance II: Valuation

  • Fundamental valuation: Discounted cash flow method
  • Comparable valuation: Multiples
  • Application and career options

Yifan Yang (Lectures 7-8) MSc in Risk Management and Financial Engineering from ICBS, current PhD Candidate in Finance at ICBS.


  • Equities
  • FCC, maybe ignore the commodity part cause I guess people do not specifically target this sector.
  • Derivatives


  • Corporate Finance
  • (If there is time,) Distinction between corporate banking, investment banking, trade finance etc.

Investment management/asset management

Risk management

Can Gao (Lectures 9-10) Masters in Theoretical Physics from Imperial College, PhD in Pure Mathematics, BAML Associate, current PhD candidate in Finance at ICBS.

  1. Risk-neutral measure, Forward, Futures, Options, Greeks, Breeden-Litzenberger, VIX/implied Vol, Recovery theory.
  2. Binomial Tree, Black Scholes, Merton (credit risk), real option, Heston etc.

The Securities Education Certificate (SEC, previously TEC) provides you with a great insight into many of the basic and technical aspects of markets and securities (typically needed for a sales, trading or structuring career), which is absolutely critical for your interviews and subsequently internships (spring or summer).  The number of spots is limited so please do apply as soon as possible as we expect these spots to be extremely competitive with again less than 200 places. We will confirm these spots on a first come first served basis, and trying to reach an even gender ratio.

Following 8 lectures starting on Monday, October 14th (exact time TBC but will be after or at 6 PM so should not clash with lectures) at Clore Lecture Theatre, you will complete a 1-hour exam, and we will award you a certificate that you can mention on your resume. This is a great experience: the course is taught by Pierre and Joel – two former summer analysts at Credit Suisse who also had previous experiences in markets at Credit Suisse and J.P. Morgan. They taught the course last year and received excellent feedback. Find out more about this exciting opportunity at the 8th October event!


  1. Introduction – 1hr – 14 October at Clore Lecture Theatre (Huxley) after or at 6 PM
  2. Macroeconomics – 1hr – 21 October at Clore Lecture Theatre after or at 6 PM
  3. Stocks I (Basics & Fundamental Analysis) – 1hr – 28 October at Clore Lecture Theatre after or at 6 PM
  4. Stocks II (Vanilla & Barrier Derivatives) – 1hr – 4 November at Clore Lecture Theatre after or at 6 PM
  5. Credit I (Bonds & Interest Rates) – 1hr – 11 November at Clore Lecture Theatre after or at 6 PM
  6. Credit II (CDS & ABS) – 1hr – 18 November at Clore Lecture Theatre after or at 6 PM
  7. Foreign Exchange & Commodities – 1hr – 25 November at Clore Lecture Theatre after or at 6 PM
  8. Technical Analysis – 1hr – 2 December at Clore Lecture Theatre after or at 6 PM
  9. Examination – 1hr – 9 December at Clore Lecture Theatre after or at 6 PM


Some feedback from last year:

“Thank you so much Pierre and Joel, the course was great and you are both really nice.”

“Pierre and Joel are rockstars. Can’t wait for them to do it all again next year! I thought I knew Finance, but still managed to learn so much through the course. 100% satisfied!”

“Thank you!! Please do another more advanced course next term!”


How much do you feel you knew about finance before the course? The average answer 3.5/10

How much do you feel you know about finance after the course? The average answer 6.2/10

How well explained were the different topics within the course? The average answer 8.5/10

Location: Clore lecture theatre in Huxley Building

Date and time: 8th October, Thursday, 6pm

  1. Find out more about Finance Society and its upcoming events, such as the FoF and SEC courses, upcoming sponsor events, CV and Cover letter clinics, Annual International Trip, and more!
  2. Find out more about investment banks and application tips before submitting your application for internships/grad roles. More importantly, we have invited people who has successfully did internships secured offers at investment banks across all the divisions from IBD to quant research. They will talk about their role and skill-set required, and also share with you the top tips for your application. After that, we also offer you the opportunity to network with people who have had experience in different banks and divisions.

Panel Guests:

  • IBD—Yekatarina – J.P. Morgan summer intern
  • S&T—Ania – Morgan Stanley summer intern
  • Operations – Ania – Goldman Sachs intern
  • Technology—Alex—J.P. Morgan placement year intern
  • Asset management – Linda – Barings summer intern
  • Quant Research—Bobak – Bank of America VP

Richard Carruthers, Deputy Director of Imperial College Careers Service will deliver a comprehensive presentation on the do’s and don’ts of making job and internship applications in the finance sector. Particularly, Richard will offer advice on CVs and Cover Letters!

This will be an extremely useful talk for those currently applying forjobs in Finance, as Richards will offer invaluable advice which could mean all the difference between breaking in or not making it past the initial screening stage.

Date: Monday 7 October.

Time: 6pm

Venue: Clore lecture theatre, Huxley Building

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