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The Mentorship Scheme will connect less experienced
applicants (mentees) with other Society members
(mentors) who have already worked in the role of a
particular field. Mentees will receive tailored advice on
the application process, CVs, cover letters and an
overview of what the job is actually like.

Discuss with the mentee the goals they want to set for the mentorship and help them on an agreed set of support functions.


Mentors and mentees can both state in the other comments of the sign up form how much time they would like to put into the scheme, and these factors will be considered when matching takes place.


Upon discussion, up to the discretion of mentor and mentee.

But could include:

  • Social media (Messenger, LinkedIn, WhatsApp)
  • Email
  • Telephone
  • Face to face meetings


Dependent on mentor’s previous experience and willingness but could include:

  • Applications
  • CV/cover letter checks
  • Mock interviews
  • Networking skills
  • Assessment centre
  • Field and company specifcs
  • Commercial awareness

Based on the sign-up forms as they will have preferences of both mentees and mentors. Financesoc committee will carefully review the forms to select the most appropriate matches based on time commitment, previous experiences, communication methods, support required/offered.

Once matches have been made mentors and mentees will be contacted to confirm they are happy with the match before finalising allocations.

Mentors will be able to select a preference for how many mentees they are willing to take.

Mentorship formally lasts for 1 year but if rapport is built then can be extended at each other’s discretion

September – Mentor and mentee sign up forms sent out

Early October – matching commences after fresher’s fair and expected to be complete by the 7th of October

Late October – Finance society will be running a launch event for mentors to be able to meet with their mentees where drinks and snacks are provided

Following launch event – have goals set for how mentor can help and start application support

May/June- End of year commencement event – celebrate your achievements with your mentor!

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