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Imperial Young Professionals – Targeted Mentorship Program
About Imperial Young Professionals

Imperial Young Professionals is a brand new community of Imperial students and recently graduated alumni that helps undergraduates secure their dream jobs. To date, we’ve held CV workshops, interview skills sessions and personally mentored Imperial undergraduates to land some of the most coveted roles in finance and consulting. Our unique perspective comes from being recent graduates ourselves and we aim to give a leg up to our undergraduates and create a vibrant community of young alumni.

What is the Mentorship Scheme?

A 1-on-1 mentorship with an Imperial alumnus or an experienced current grad working in financial services. The program is specifically for those applying to graduate schemes/internships commencing in 2021 and is an opportunity to receive high quality, targeted advice about any step of the application process, from CVs/cover letters to applications to interviews.

Who is your mentor?

A recently graduated Imperial alumnus with industry experience most relevant to your career goals, who will be familiar with the application process, ready to guide ambitious students with tried and tested advice.

Responsibilities of mentors and mentees?

Both mentors and mentees will be expected to:

  1. Create and adhere to a meeting/call schedule, as agreed between the mentors/mentees at the start of the program
  2. Minimum of 1-2 hours of calls per month
  3. Max 48 hours between email/text/whatsapp responses.

*The above is a guideline of minimum standards during the mentorship program which we believe to be conducive to success but mentors/mentees will create a structured schedule at the start of the program, to suit the relationship, which may result in longer or shorter communications.

What time commitment is required?

The program runs from 10th August – 11th October and is intended to be short and efficient, as applications into most institutions in finance are open only for a short period of time and this is the time when you’ll need your mentor’s advice the most.

*After the official program date we hope that mentor/mentee relationships progress organically and last farther into your professional career.

How can I communicate with my mentor?

This should be agreed with your mentor beforehand to find something that works for both. Possible options include: Messenger, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, telephone, email.

How will mentees and mentors be matched?

The Finance Society and the Investment Society together will select the candidates most likely to benefit from the scheme, where decision factors will include your year of study, previous experience in industry/career applications and industry interest (to best match the expertise of the mentors).

*Once matches have been made mentors and mentees will be contacted to confirm they are happy with the match.


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